West Virginia Disc Golf Doubles Championship

XC tier PDGA event
Bring your own partner for the opportunity to become the WV Disc Golf Doubles Champion!  many will enter, only one will be crowned the West Virginia Disc Golf Doubles Champion.  Teams with the lower scores in each subsequent divisions will be the division winner.

Two rounds on The Black Course.

In Best Disc (also known as Best Score), each player plays the hole as they would while playing singles; there are no shared lies. The team score is the best score on the hole by one of its players.
*The player who is away will always throw first, with this exception: If both players are lying the same number of throws, the team may choose which player throws first.
*A player must pick up once it is impossible for him to better the team’s score. The team incurs a warning for the first violation, and a penalty throw for subsequent violations.
*In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone.

Best Shot is by far the most popular doubles format. Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed.
*A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.
*A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
*If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player may still throw from the correct lie.
*In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing one shot at each lie (essentially playing singles).

Tie Scenario
*In the event of a tie, there will be a three hole play off, #18, #1, & #2.
**If there is still a tie, sudden death play will begin on #18, if necessary move to #1, lastly #2 and then repeat from #18 until a champion is crowned.

Entry Fees Per Team
MPO Open – $108
FPO Open – Women  – $88
MA1 Advanced – $88
MA2 Intermediate – $48
MA3 Recreational – $48
FA1 Advanced – Women- $68
FA2 Intermediate – Women – $38
FA3 Recreational – Women – $38
Prices reflect early online registration.  Add $20 for registration the day of.

PDGA XC Tier event
Prices shown reflect early registration