Local Course Rules

  Black Course Rules

#1 Ice skating rink and pavement are OB.

#2 The marked OB line on the left is for #18 ONLY. The roads and Yellow Course on the right are OB.

#4 Play the “natural” tee on the left. There is new OB marked on the left along the path.

#6 Playing to the new longer alternate basket.

#7 New Island Green marked by bails of straw.  If you do not come to rest within the straw bails, play your third (3) shot from the drop zone (ON TOP OF THE STRAW IS OB).  There are small walk ways that are marked with spray paint.  You’re safe if your disc is touching any portion of the marked area.

#8 The road and beyond on the left are OB. If you land within the marked area of the tower, there is relief.  Play from the drop zone WITHOUT penalty.

#12 There is a double mando marked on the last two trees in the row.  If you miss the manados, play from the drop zone WITH a penalty throw.

#13 There is marked OB at the bottom of the bowl that extends to the tree.

#15 There is marked OB on the left of the bowl. There is also a marked mando tree near the green that you must stay to the right of.  If you miss the mando, play from the marked drop zone with a penalty shot.

#16 The road and beyond are OB.

#17 The road is OB.  Watch your drive, if you fail to touch in bounds you will have to retee with a penalty throw.

#18 New, playing the “natural” tee, not the asphalt tee.  The road is OB. There is a OB that separates #18 from #2 and #1.  There is a drop zone for drives that land over the road and go OB.

No two meter rule